Widdershins Old Books Released

February 19, 2016 - Daz Studio
Widdershins Old Books Released

My old books for Daz Studio have been released today.

They can be found here :

Widdershins Old Books

A selection of antiquarian books for your pleasure.

These are static closed props suitable for bookshelves, rows and stacks of books. They could equally be used in a contemporary scene or a period piece. These designs have been inspired by real books and book titles.

There are 4 different book shapes, varying in width, height etc.

There are 6 different book spines.

For each spine there are 3 different covers – Leather, Marbled and Plain.

For each book design there are 5 ready made labels, including one blank if needed and so you can make your own labels from them.

In terms of spine and cover combinations this gives 18 (6 x 3) varieties of book, and then further with the customizable labels – so you could make a long series of books in volumes and so on.

Also included are two bookend props in dark and light woods for both 3Delight and Iray.

Widdershins Old Books
Widdershins Old Books
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