Unity Map Magic

March 21, 2016 - Unity
Unity Map Magic

I spent a few days playing with Unity and a new asset called Map Magic. This is a node based terrain generator and I really love the results. One of the nice things, among many, is the erosion feature which helps create terrains with smooth slopes ideal for exploring as well as being realistic. I’ve only played with the demo scene so far, but you can do things like set a seed and generate a whole new terrain created with the same set of rules – so in no time you can get a lot of different landscapes.

Here are some screenshots I took. My main change to the demo scene was to replace the trees given with some Speedtree ones which I have. The notable thing about trees is that they have to have LODs to be rotated randomly when planted by the terrain generator. Speedtrees have this and they look nice and are not too bad in terms of polys. I had to reduce the number of trees a little, but I’m getting a steady 60fps on my GTX 970.

I also used some more detailed rocks found in the asset store and a new grass as I was trying to learn how that works.


Map Magic
Map Magic 1
Map Magic
Map Magic 2
Map Magic
Map Magic 3
Map Magic
Map Magic 4
Map Magic
Map Magic 5

Here’s a video I made before making my changes, it loses some of the quality of the desktop though.

And finally a short video showing how crows can make a really nice addition to a scene.

Map Magic can be found in the Unity Store…

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Chatbot Tool Kit

Thanks for blogging about Map Magic. In particular, the demos were useful. Overall, this blogs helps to envision how Map Magic may support interaction with a game A.I. in a natural environment.

Farhat khan

sir my map magic not show in 3d … althogh i,m used i new version of unity 5.6.1 .now sir what i do ??? plz sir help me


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