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Quantic Dementia Featured
The Call by Quantic Dementia
Thought I would share this amazing image that was made by Quantic Dementia over on the Daz Forums. This uses my tentacles which I released last year. Time [...]
Jess Posing #2
Jess & ElfScript
I posted this over on the AiDreams forum, but since it is related to Daz Studio & Unity I am posting it here too. For some time now I have been [...]
The Green Green Grass
Merry Christmas !
Just wanted to do a quick update and wish people a Merry Christmas. Thank you to all the people that bought and supported my work earlier in the year. I [...]
Daz to Unity : Exporting Daz3D Models or Characters into Unity for Animation
This is a tutorial showing how to get Daz3D models into Unity for the purpose of animation as I have been asked a few times about how I do it in my [...]
The Tentacle
Widdershins The Tentacle
Just released today is my new product, a beastly tentacle ! Available in the Daz Store now… The Tentacle has 52 bones for flexible posing and comes [...]
Lost Bride Featured Image
The Lost Bride
Playing some more with DS and filters to make some kind of graphic novel  image. This is a similar method as the earlier one, but only using two layers. [...]
London Final Result
Having Fun With Non-photorealistic Renders
Inspired by the wonderful thread over on the Daz forum… Thanks to algovincian and his thread, which I recommend you check out as he’s [...]
Stacker Plugin for Daz Studio
Introduction Whilst making some models for Daz Studio people were asking me about making rows and stacks of items. I found this was difficult to deliver [...]
Widdershins Grocery Pack
Today my first product for Daz Studio launched in the store. It’s been a lot of work, but worth it all the way. Currently on 30% discount it [...]
Nice outfit : Autumn Chill
Came across this in the Daz Store today, for the Genesis 2 Females. 40% off at the time of this post. Autumn Chill Outfit Did a quick render and was [...]
In The Woods Slightly More Suitably Attired
Couple Of New Renders
Found a new character that I really like and was glad to be able to use some of my older clothing. Two shots in the woods, again using HDR lighting. I [...]
Daz Studio Antiquarian Books
Daz Studio Antiquarian Books
This is my current project, old books. So far I have five books with three variations of covers – plain, leather and marbled. Here’s a little [...]
Pipers Herbs
Daz Studio Herbs
Probably the last items to go in my first pack of groceries – though I might do some pickled items, like chillies and beetroot.
Zap! Washing Detergent
Daz Studio More Detergent
Having had a break from modelling, whilst I work on a plugin, today I came up with this variation on the washing powder box. To be included in the pack [...]
Grocery Props For Daz Studio Part 1
Daz Studio Groceries So Far
I expanded the range of fruit juices today. Here’s also an image of everything I have designed so far. At this point I have submitted them all to the [...]
Spotless Washing Powder
Daz Tea Bags & Washing Powder
Today’s groceries were a box of tea bags and some washing powder. I’ll probably make a couple more variations on the washing powder. As per a [...]
Elcams Orange Juice
Daz Studio Port and Orange Juice
Spent the weekend mostly working on these for Daz Studio. Orange Juice, Port Bottle and some Milk Cartons. Rendered in Iray.
Groceries on Shelf
DAZ Studio Groceries WIP
For my next attempt at getting published at Daz I decided to make a lot of kitchen or pantry items. Here’s a few renders of what I have done so far. [...]
Basics Part One
Daz G3 Basics Texture Set Freebie
This is my first attempt at making textures for Daz Studio products on a commercial basis. Unfortunately they were not found suitable but I got positive [...]
Freebie Ground Textures / Splats
Here’s four free tileable ground textures for use in rendering or things like Unity. They are 1024 x 1024 pixels. You may use them as you wish !
New Gallery
I’ve just started back with Daz Studio and can say I am impressed with the new Iray renderer. I’ve invested in a few models and things, so I [...]