Simple Mushrooms Unity Asset

April 3, 2015 - Unity
Simple Mushrooms Unity Asset

My first product on the Unity Store has been accepted !

It’s some simple mushrooms with varied textures.

14 x Single mushroom prefabs.
14 x Groups of three mushrooms prefabs.
14 x Textures.
3 x LOD for singles and groups.

Textures are in PSD format and split into layers to make it easy to make your own textures.

There are three Levels of Detail (LOD) built into each single mushroom and group.

LODs have been set up to be economical…

LOD 0 (100%) : 300 polygons.
LOD 1 (25%) : 149 polygons.
LOD 2 (10%) : 49 polygons.
Culled at 2%.

These can be bought on my Unity Asset Store page…


Simple Mushrooms For Unity
Simple Mushrooms For Unity Level of Detail
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