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Here’s a new tune I was playing with using the Reaper DAW and Sylenth1 Synthesiser.

The cool vortex visual was made by sonicdude987 and used with thanks.

Dr Who Theme Sylenth1 & Reaper
Basics Part One
Daz G3 Basics Texture Set Freebie
This is my first attempt at making textures for Daz Studio products on a commercial basis. Unfortunately they were not found suitable but I got positive [...]
Freebie Ground Textures / Splats
Here’s four free tileable ground textures for use in rendering or things like Unity. They are 1024 x 1024 pixels. You may use them as you wish !
Daz Studio & Iray & HDR Magic
So if the wonderful Iray wasn’t good enough, I then discovered what HDR lighting can really do. If you didn’t know; HDR images are like 360 [...]
New Gallery
I’ve just started back with Daz Studio and can say I am impressed with the new Iray renderer. I’ve invested in a few models and things, so I [...]
Unity : Medieval Dragon Tavern
Requires Unity 5.0.1 or higher. The Dragon Tavern welcomes you with fine ales and delicious food. Open all hours of the day and night for the weary [...]
Simple Mushrooms Unity Asset
My first product on the Unity Store has been accepted ! It’s some simple mushrooms with varied textures. 14 x Single mushroom prefabs. 14 x Groups of [...]

Using Sylenth1 and MUX synths in Reaper. Just for fun whilst learning how to use Reaper. (more…)

Telstar 2015
Recent Comment with Gravatar Fallback
WordPress Gravatar Fallback Image For Recent Comments
If you like to use Gravatar images for your users you may find that the default avatar served up when a user does not have a Gravatar account a little [...]