Jess Posing #2
Jess & ElfScript
I posted this over on the AiDreams forum, but since it is related to Daz Studio & Unity I am posting it here too. For some time now I have been [...]
Daz to Unity : Exporting Daz3D Models or Characters into Unity for Animation
This is a tutorial showing how to get Daz3D models into Unity for the purpose of animation as I have been asked a few times about how I do it in my [...]

Here’s a video I made a few days ago showing the game engine running. No population in this one, but I’m beginning to add all the characters now. Also with some more tinkering to the Map Maker the terrains have become more full.

More here :

Wars Of Midnight Video
Wars Of Midnight
Wars Of Midnight
Today I launched a new site dedicated to the game I am working on called Wars of Midnight. It’s inspired by an old 1984 game by Mike Singleton called [...]
Unity Map Magic
I spent a few days playing with Unity and a new asset called Map Magic. This is a node based terrain generator and I really love the results. One of the [...]
Freebie Ground Textures / Splats
Here’s four free tileable ground textures for use in rendering or things like Unity. They are 1024 x 1024 pixels. You may use them as you wish !
Unity : Medieval Dragon Tavern
Requires Unity 5.0.1 or higher. The Dragon Tavern welcomes you with fine ales and delicious food. Open all hours of the day and night for the weary [...]
Simple Mushrooms Unity Asset
My first product on the Unity Store has been accepted ! It’s some simple mushrooms with varied textures. 14 x Single mushroom prefabs. 14 x Groups of [...]