Happy New Year already !

I have something new to show here. This combines my love of music and virtual worlds. If you didn’t already know about the game Lord of the Rings Online, then this is where I have been playing virtual gigs !

If you’ve played with sequencers and midi and things like that, you’ll have some idea about what is going on here. The characters within the game are each controlled by me and have their own instrument to play. LOTRO uses a musical system known as ABC notation – which is what you use to basically tell the game which notes to play.

There’s a variety of traditional instruments such as harps, lutes, clarinet and so on.

What I do is find midi tracks and then transcribe them to ABC notation. I’ve also got some plans on obtaining old sheet music too and transcribing that by hand.

Some modern tunes work, some don’t. Electronic music and fast songs tend to suffer, but simpler tunes often do well in the transition. I’m really enjoying working with folk music from the 18th & 19th centuries – the instruments work well with the LOTRO music system as that’s the kind of thing they were playing back then. It’s odd to think that some hundred or more years later these songs are now being played like this. Here’s an example of one I transcribed already…


Boulavogue (Mid 18th C. Irish Folk Song)



In LOTRO, music from players is very popular, even to the extent of people organising festivals. A week or so back I watched a music stream that covered four days, with a good dozen bands playing per day. And this inspired me to give it a go as I don’t think I will become a rock star in the real world at this point !

For those with any further interest, there is a Twitter page and a small website set up for the band. The Twitter I’ll mainly use for notifications, and the website to show dates I play and also the odd tune I have been working on.



All the best to you readers in the coming year and I’ll try to finally get some more things done for Daz 🙂


The Rambling Roses

A really nice Bowie song called “Everyone Says Hi”, which I had not heard until the other day.

Don’t Stay In A Sad Place

Here’s a new tune I was playing with using the Reaper DAW and Sylenth1 Synthesiser.

The cool vortex visual was made by sonicdude987 and used with thanks.

Dr Who Theme Sylenth1 & Reaper

Using Sylenth1 and MUX synths in Reaper. Just for fun whilst learning how to use Reaper. (more…)

Telstar 2015